Welcome to Integrated Health Counseling

We are a team of therapists who help our patients organize, assemble and navigate many of their healthcare needs

Once a health team has been organized we take a unique approach to counseling with a focus on transparency and adherence to health plans that address both physical and mental health needs.

How we can help

Through a series of assessments, we gather information from our clients and make referrals to a proper healthcare team that suit their health related concerns. Some of the services we offer include the following:

Holistic Approach

Listen to and organize a list of your healthcare needs as a preventative method

Finding the Right Medical Provider

Identifying practitioners who are affordable or in your insurance network(s)

Expectation Management

Set expectations for things you may experience in your assessments with practitioners

Personal Guidance

Help organize healthcare data from visits and superbills to explanation of benefits (EOB’s)

Personal Assistance

Assist in scheduling appointments and organizing feedback from your health team

Adherence and Treatment Collaboration

Research medical procedures you may be interested in, and costs associated with them

Clarify Diagnostic Information

Research diagnostic codes provided by other medical professionals, and how you are charged for them

Networking Support Groups

Identify support groups that have similar desired outcomes for your healthcare needs

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